Donate Now – Defend Elderly Medical Cannabis Patients

In August of last year, San Bernardino Co. authorities raided and arrested
Richard McCabe and JoAnn Cates, a harmless, elderly couple. Just recently
the San Bernardino Co. DA has charged them with cultivation, possession
and intent to distribute.

JoAnn states, “I did not think this would happen. I thought we were
protected under the law… We are very confused, frustrated and stressed
by all of this.”

With few resources Rich and JoAnn thought they’d use public defender but
realized that may not be in their best interest. Attorneys Zenia Gilg and
Danny Schultz of Jackson Square Law in San Francisco see this as a
‘righteous’ medical cannabis case and have agreed to take it knowing that
advocates are actively helping Rich and JoAnn raise the much needed funds
for their legal defense.

Through the month of February, PAN is donating the funds raised on-line to
Rich and JoAnn’s legal defense. They need $7,500.00 each to retain their
attorneys as well as funds for expert witness testimony. Please make a
tax-deductible donation to protect this elderly couple and insure that
they have a strong legal defense. Simply click the DONATE button on this
site and make your pledge in any amount you choose. Your tax-deductible
receipt will be mailed to you.

Rich and JoAnn extend their sincerest gratitude. Thank you.

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