The Selective Prosecution Of Ronnie Naulls

Ronnie Naulls is a long time resident and business owner in Corona, CA.
He is a husband, a parent, a member of the Chamber of Commerce. He is
charitable, compassionate and has never been in trouble with the law,

Ronnie Naulls is also a medical cannabis patient and provider. He
operated Healing Nations Collective in Corona, which was raided by federal
and local authorities in July of 2007. Ronnie is now being brought up on
federal charges for possession and distribution.

Ronnie’s case is unique in its horrificness. In addition to the raid on
the dispensary and his home and the seizure of his personal and
professional accounts, which is not unheard of in DEA raids, Ronnie’s wife
was arrested and charged with child endangerment. The children were
handed over to Child Protected Services for several weeks.

Ronnie was put on federal house arrest and is required to drug test on
demand which has been about every two days. All of which comes of out his
own pocket making his financial situation precarious at best. Of all the
raids on dispensaries across California, Ronnie’s has been the most
devastating on family sending a chilling message to patients of color
across the state.

Ronnie is being represented by Imhoff and Associates of Santa Monica and
has raised $10,000.00 toward his legal defense. His counsel is
enthusiastic about the case and has a sound legal strategy. Ronnie needs
$20,000.00 more, a very reasonable retainer for this complicated federal
criminal case. His first pre-trial conference is May 3, 2008, and full
payment needs to be made.

Ronnie’s prosecution is an outrage. I hope you will make a pledge toward
Ronnie’s legal defense fund and help him secure the legal counsel he needs
in federal court.

If you chose to make a contribution directly to Ronnie’s attorneys, please
use the following:
Payment to – Imhoff & Associates, PC, Criminal Defense Attorneys
ATTN: Ronald Naulls Defense Retainer
2530 Wilshire Boulevard, 1st Floor
Santa Monica, California 90403

If you want your contribution to be a charitable tax-deductible donation,
please make your check out to Patient Advocacy Network and mail it to P.O.
Box 93845, Los Angeles, CA 90093. We will immediately get your funds to
Imhoff and Assoc. and mail you a tax-deductible receipt for your

In Liberty

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